Lo spazio dove discutere di qualsiasi argomento che non sia riconducibile agli altri forum, dalla politica alla società, dai libri allo sport e qualsiasi altra cosa vi sembri meritevole di un pubblico approfondimento…

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Riporto il comunicato originale inviato da Patrick Leagas (6 Comm) e Gaya Donadio (AntiChildLeague):

Support Freedom of Art & Music within our Sub - Cultures

We would like to inform you and make you aware that both we and a very large number of Artist/bands are being attacked online by a few Ultra Puritans, who have a personal axe to grind with particular Artists.

Their malicious slander has only one purpose - to either incite hatred or to curtail the freedom of Thought & action within Music & Art.

We simply ask you look at the information via the links that we have provided.

If you can find the time to add your comments to these blogs or take any form of action to support the very diverse genres being targeted, from Noise to Neo folk and beyond, we and all concerned, both Artists and listeners would be very grateful.
We would like to also highlight the fact that these same people are slandering the Slimelight club in London. A club whose diversity over the years cannot be disputed.
Are we to allow these New puritans to ban any form of expression which they personally do not agree !

We have always ignored these rather pathetic people in the past but they have spread their misinformation to organisations such as LoveMusicHateRacism - who in fact seem to be just as vindictive as the originators of the slander and disinformation, as they do not allow free debate on the matter.

What do you think? ... th-london/ ... 9690429589 ... /#comments

Our regards, thank you for your time.

Gaya D & Patrick L @ Confession.
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