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VV.AA. MIWAK TWELVE (IDM, Darkstep, Ambient) Hymen Records

MessaggioInviato: ven giu 12, 2009 11:45 pm
da Chemnitz
HYMEN records celebrates its 12th year of existence with this fine double cd set, which includes 33 tracks by 33 projects. Artists who (both well known and new to our followers) spotlight hymen records as things are now. A blend of electronica, breakbeats, dubstep, electro, ambient and much more featuring The_empath, Slam52, Somatic Responses, Millipede, Defrag, Tonikom, Nebulo, Deru, Black lung, Lowfish, HPC, Access to Arasaka, Architect, Dryft, Hecq, Combustion, Ginormous, Snog, Crunch, Mad EP vs. Bryce Beverlin II, Keef Baker, Blackfilm, Karsten Pflum, Abs6, Wisp, Jerome Chassagnard, Mika Goedrijk, Marching Dynamics, Orphx, Bit Shifter, Dead Hollywood Stars, End, Twenty Knives... Packaging: deluxe 6-panel gatefold-sleeve. Enjoy the gush!

1. the empath - at the heart of it all
2. slam52 - frosd
3. somatic responses - takayama [another rainy day]
4. millipede - concevoir [gaztheque remix by aphorism]
5. defrag - the old growth
6. tonikom - the source
7. nebulo - sunurb
8. deru - between you and me
9. black lung - the hostmen of tyne
10. lowfish - wreckage
11. hpc - phoenix
12. access to arasaka - xt10.20zp9
13. architect - awake
14. dryft - vector step [elimination]
15. hecq - sleep through the day

1. combustion - building the house of vanity [feat - caro roth]
2. ginormous - arrive with eyes ablaze
3. snog - the end of the world [intimate mix]
4. crunch - karot [vent remix]
5. mad ep vs - bryce beverlin II - breakstuff
6. keef baker - sacrifice
7. blackfilm - se5
8. karsten pflum - capstone switch
9. abs6 - premiers traitements
10. wisp - the bard [postlude]
11. jerome chassagnard - timeless travelers
12. mika goedrijk - sore eyes
13. marching dynamics - almighty bomb
14. orphx - intercession [edit]
15. bit shifter - easy prey
16. dead hollywood stars - back in town
17. end - jailbait rock
18. twenty knives - royal vomitorium

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Che nomi, sembra da paura!!

Re: VV.AA. MIWAK TWELVE (IDM, Darkstep, Ambient) Hymen Records

MessaggioInviato: dom giu 14, 2009 8:39 pm
da Chemnitz
In attesa che mi arrivi l'originale, gli ho dato un'ascoltata in versione mp3 e devo dire che merita senza dubbio, soprattutto per la presenza di grandissimi artisti come Blackfilm e Ginormous (i miei preferiti, emozionanti come sempre), ma ottimi anche i vari Architect, Abs6, Lowfish, Orphx, Wisp, Bit Shifter, Marching Dynamics, Somatic Responses, Tonikom, oltre ai side-project di Mika di This Morn' Omina e Jerome di Ab Ovo ecc ecc...

Consigliatissima :ok:

Re: VV.AA. MIWAK TWELVE (IDM, Darkstep, Ambient) Hymen Records

MessaggioInviato: lun giu 15, 2009 11:52 pm
da n_x
Sottoscrivo il "consigliattissima"