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MessaggioInviato: mar ott 20, 2009 1:42 pm
da The Director
Al solito, certi media non vedono l'ora di associare fattacci di cronaca a musica che credono essere 'pericolosa'... Riporto lo statement ufficiale inoltratomi dalla Alfa Matrix:

Official statement from Alfa Matrix regarding murdercase of Carly Ryan
It's with great horror that Zombie Girl and Alfa Matrix learned that the tragic death of 15-year old Carly Ryan, brutally murdered in 2007, has been linked with Zombie Girl's "Blood Brains & Rock 'N' Roll" album in an article in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail which was published on Monday, October 19th 2009.

Both Zombie Girl members Renee Cooper and Sebastian R. Komor were shocked to learn that their band and material has been used in reference to young girls posing in a provocative way on social websites. Renee Cooper: "I am shocked, horrified and saddened that a young girl and a fan of Zombie Girl was murdered. My heart goes out to her family and friends. This is a terrible thing. I am just in shock right now. The music and image that I portray on stage is an act. It is not who I am. This is not what the music is about." Ryan was murdered by a fictitious teenager called Brandon - a father and his son who are now accused of murdering her.

Alfa Matrix and the band want to stress that they do not promote this kind of online behaviour nor does the band or the label promote violence via the music of the Canadian based electro dance act Zombie Girl. The band can in no way be held responsible for other people's actions. Sebastian R. Komor: "I want to send my regards to the family and friends of Carly Ryan. May she be in a place where she found peace. I strongly dislike having my music brought up in something as horrible as murder. And have never promoted violence of any kind, whether to humans or animals. Zombie Girl is fictional and just a fun project dealing with the topics of the living dead and all that. To have my music mentioned in a case like this really bothers me. Music is the only thing in the world still making people happy, get together and dance. Rest in peace Carly Ryan, I'm so sorry someone did this to you."

Alfa Matrix and Zombie Girl wish to express their sincere condolances to the family of Carly Ryan.


MessaggioInviato: mar ott 20, 2009 7:30 pm
da ForgottenTear
Nel bene e nel male, significa comunque inevitabilmente più pubblicità sul gruppo. Dispiace comunque l'associazione a tali eventi, per quanto il gruppo non mi piaccia per nulla.