TV21"Snakes And Ladders, Almost Complete: 1980-82"

Lo spazio dove discutere del suono di matrice dark/gothic (anche di stampo elettronico), partendo dai mostri sacri Fields Of The Nephilim, Joy Division, Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Siouxsie etc. fino a London After Midnight, Diva Destruction, Cinema Strange, Girls Under Glass, House Of Usher, The Last Dance, Garden Of Delight etc…

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TV21"Snakes And Ladders, Almost Complete: 1980-82"

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Released on 29/03/10. This is the first-ever retrospective of TV21, an acclaimed Scottish post-punk band at the dawn of the 1980s. Having recorded a couple of acclaimed singles on their own Powbeat label, they signed to the Deram label also home at the time to Mo-Dettes.
The band recorded a string of singles including the near-hit, Snakes & Ladders as well as appearing on the Old Grey Whistle Test and supporting the Rolling Stones in 1982.

Their album, A Thin Red Line, is a must for any fan of Orange Juice, Scars or even The Jam, whom TV21 supported. TV21 reunited a couple of years ago for several shows and a new album, Forever 22. The band are fully supporting this compilation.

Playing With Fire 1st Single, Powbeat, 1980 / Shattered By It All / Ambition 2nd Single, Powbeat, 1980 / Ticking Away / This Is Zero / On The Run Demon Single, 1981 / End Of A Dream / Snakes And Ladders Deram Single, 1981 / A Thin Red Line Album 1981 - Waiting For The Drop / Ideal Way Of Life / This Is Zero / Ticking Away / It Feels Like It's Starting To Rain / Something's Wrong / What's Going On / When I Scream / Tomorrow / Attention Span / All Join Hands Deram Single
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