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HauRuck: nuove uscite

MessaggioInviato: ven feb 24, 2012 12:27 pm
da Telemaco33
Tre nuove uscite per il tour di Der Blutharsch, Varunna e Bain Waolfkind

DER BLUTHARSCH and the infinite church of the leading hand - The beginning and the end - 7"

VARUNNA - Ferro E Ruggine - mCD
l After the well received alim Cantos this mCD is the follow up work from Sardinian band Varunna. It can be seen as follow up of Cantos, although this mini album shows more darkness than the previous works of Varunna. Highly recomended. Recorded and produced at "temple 451" - the studio of Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the elading hand. Guestmusicinas: Albin Sunlight Julius + Jörg B. Tracklist: Ferro e Ruggine/La Rossa/Al Vento/Nevio

Dirty southern donwtempo bluesrock....not for sensible minds or pussies.
Tracklist:Tri-State Blues/In the shadow of the slaughterhouse/Drinking at the crowbar/3 string guitar/down down down/My love`s a shotgun