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In ristampa i vecchi album compreso il raro "Hambach 1848". Produce la Prophecy Productions.

Hambach 1848
Back in 1998, in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the German Märzrevolution ('March Revolution'), Hekate released their first album "Hambach 1848" featuring a lot of folk-songs from the German democracy movement of that era, such as the classic 'Die Gedanken sind frei' ('Thoughts are Free').
The album was only released as an LP in a limited print-run and hasn't been available for many years. Now, it is re-released in Digipak format, with re-worked design and limited to 700 copies. This release starts off further new editions of Hekate's releases that are scheduled for the next two months. (Prophecy)

1. Bleifeld
2. Heckers Traum
3. Die Gedanken sind frei
4. Trotz alledem
5. Das Bürgerlied
6. Unser die Welt, trotz alledem
7. Gedankenfreiheit



Originally released in 2000 by Well of Urd, "Sonnentanz", the first album release by Hekate without limitation, became something of a cornerstone of German Neofolk. Conceptionally dedicated to the free spirit of the ‘Bündische Jugend’ (German youth movement) and the ‘Edelweißpiraten’ (Edelweiss pirates), Germany’s "lost youth" of the 1930s, Hekate’s music here is marked by a folkloric acoustic style that sets the standards for the years to come. This re-release is presented in a portrait-format Digipak including revised artwork and liner-notes limited to 700 copies. (Prophecy)

1. Der Nibelunge Nôt
2. To Break a Heart
3. L'ivresse
4. In Deinem Leben
5. Findhorn
6. Fatherland
7. Dos Kelbl
8. Du Mein Einzig
9. Danse de l'obscurité
10. Die Sonne im Geiste
11. Die Gedanken sind frei
12. Sonnentanz
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